All things must start somewhere

I’m never entirely sure what to write in the opening post for a blog. Do I start by introducing myself? Or do I pretend that we’ve known each other forever and just get straight into normal entries? If I introduce myself, how detailed should it be? Should I list my plans, my goals, my life history? Maybe I could mention the blogs I’ve started in the past? I think I’ll introduce myself, but I’m going to keep this brief, so I can move quickly on to everything else.

I’m female, 19, living in London to study anthropology. Originally from Liverpool. Don’t know what I want to do with my life. Love food, music and stories. Change my mind easily. Get too distracted by the internet. Amazing procrastinator.

I’m going to say that this blog is about life, so can encompass anything and everything that I find interesting. In all likelihood, there’ll be a fair number of recipe or food related posts. You’re reading this? Post a comment saying “hi”.

And now I’m going to get on with the actual blog.


About Anna

21 year old anthropology student living in London, trying to get something done with her life.
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